Therapeutic services for young children and their families


Connected Strides offers therapy and testing services for young children with developmental delays, Autism, Anxiety, Learning disabilities, attention and behavioral issues.

For children under 5 years of age, caregivers are an integral part of every session and are provided with in-the-moment tools for addressing the challenges faced by their child.  The primary goal of therapy is supporting parents to better understand and respond to the individual needs of their child.  Services for elementary school aged children entail individual and family therapy, as well as collaboration with school personnel and other professionals with the aim of utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to promote a child’s growth.

Regardless of the child’s age, parents are seen as the experts on their child’s unique profile and are at the center of the child’s therapeutic services.  Psycho- diagnostic and psychoeducational assessments are available for families seeking to obtain an in-depth understanding of their child’s learning and socio-emotional profile in order to determine appropriate placement, supports and services.