For families who have a child with Autism, there can be an overwhelming array of tasks at hand to ensure that their child is accessing appropriate services and interventions. Furthermore, there is the daunting task of coordinating the work of a group of different professionals (i.e. speech therapist, occupational therapist, ABA provider) to achieve consistency, a mutual effort towards shared goals, and regular communication regarding the child’s ever changing needs and strides. For these families, the support of a professional to promote a collaborative and integrated program can ease some of the challenges of this path. Consultation services vary in intensity and frequency and are directly driven by the unique needs of each family. Some parents may only require support to begin the process of implementing services for their child. Others prefer ongoing assistance to monitor progress, coordinate the efforts of the team, and ensure that recommendations are carried out to the greatest extent possible. Consultation services take place both within the office and via visits to homes and schools as needed.