Individual and Family Therapy

For children under the age of 5 who are struggling with behavioral issues, developmental delays, Autism, and anxiety related disorders, caregivers and children are seen as a dyad during therapy sessions.  The therapeutic goals are to better understand the child’s unique temperament, means of communicating, relating, and self-regulation. The parent or caregiver is supported to identify the cues provided by the child about their needs and challenges and to provide a response that enables the child to feel understood while also scaffolding the development of additional skills.

For children with Autism and developmental delays, the family is also provided with the necessary guidance and support to navigate the special education system, access the range of appropriate services, and coordinate care between various providers to ensure that the child has a comprehensive and well-integrated treatment plan in place.

For children over 5 years of age, individual and family therapy is combined as needed to support children with Autism, Anxiety disorders, ADHD, Learning disabilities, and behavioral issues. Collaboration with the family, school, and other providers continues to be a cornerstone of therapy. Consultation and training services are offered as needed to provide tools for key individuals in the lives of a child who is experiences learning and developmental differences.

Example targets of therapeutic intervention with caregivers:

  • Understanding and effectively managing challenging behaviors in children
  • Understanding a developmentally atypical child’s individual differences
  • Understanding and navigating autism treatments
  • Promoting social and emotional development in children
  • Sibling adjustment and supporting sibling relationships
  • How to address fears and anxiety in children
  • How to support a child with learning differences