Individual and Family Therapy
Individual and family therapy services are provided for young children and their families. My practice is specialized to address parenting issues, behavioral challenges, developmental delays, and anxiety related disorders.

Child Testing
Connected Strides offers comprehensive evaluations of children ages 5 to 16, including diagnostic testing and psycho-educational evaluations.

Parent Support Groups
For parents of children 2 to 5 years old, parenting groups provide an opportunity to delve into some of the typical challenges faced with young children. Groups cover topics such as self regulation, emotional intelligence, positive discipline, separation and individuation, toilet learning, and the power of play.

Children with learning differences, developmental delays, behavioral challenges, and Autism often require the collaborative efforts of family and school personnel in an integrated fashion to address areas of concern in a consistent and systematic manner. Families often find it challenging to manage the multiple components of comprehensive intervention programs required for their child. As both a psychologist and board certified behavior analyst (BCBA-D), I am uniquely qualified to provide support, consultation, and coordination of care among all individuals involved in the care of a child with learning challenges.